Brake and Clutch

The fit you’ve been looking for

Does your brake upgrade include aftermarket calipers, or calipers from a different vehicle? Other “custom” hose builders will use universal ends with multiple adapters, introducing potential leak points into the plumbing system. But with access to a catalog of more than 1000 brake fittings, BrakeQuip Authorized Dealers make hoses that connect chassis A to caliper B without the need for unnecessary and unsightly adapters.

Need extended lines for a suspension lift or high-rise motorcycle bars? Your BrakeQuip Dealer will make custom lines for the perfect fit.

Tested for safety

Most automotive brake systems operate between 850 and 1050 psi. Every BrakeQuip brake hose is pressure tested to 3000 psi prior to sale to ensure safety and performance, even under panic-stop conditions.

Rubber hose

Two layers of tightly-woven nylon braid ensure low expansion and high performance in our 1/8″ ID rubber hoses for brake, clutch, and other hydraulic applications.

Braided stainless steel hose

5_hoses_low_profileOur low expansion PTFE brake hose is reinforced with a 304 stainless steel braid. The smooth-bore PTFE core is compatible with DOT 3, 4, 5 (silicone-based), and 5.1 brake fluids, as well as oil and most other fluids. BrakeQuip offers five colors for the PVC jacket.

Standard or low profile fittings

Low profile crimp on left; standard crimp on right.
Low profile crimp on left; standard crimp on right.

BrakeQuip low profile fittings are a natural fit for braided stainless steel hose. Standard profile fittings can also be used with braided hose when paired with a crimp shell insert.