Expand your offerings with BrakeQuip tubing

stacked coils of EziBend and BrakeQuip's 316L stainless tubing

BrakeQuip tubing is chemically engineered to resist corrosion and make installation a breeze. Provide your clientele with BrakeQuip’s high-quality copper-nickel and stainless steel tubing today.

Copper Nickel

For the ultimate combination of corrosion resistance and ease of use, choose BrakeQuip’s EziBend and EziBend 2 cunifer tubing. EziBend meets UNS C70600 material standards and is acceptable for automotive use.

316L Stainless SteelBrakeQuip's 316L stainless tubing flared

The pinnacle of automotive plumbing, our 316L marine-grade tubing has the highest level of corrosion protection and the stunning appearance of polished stainless. Our 0.028″ wall thickness and annealing process make it the builder’s choice for stainless installations.


packaged EziBend
Private labeling is available for retail and wholesale opportunities.

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