Cunifer Tubing

For the ultimate combination of corrosion resistance and ease of use, choose EziBend 2. EziBend 2 tubing meets UNS C70600 requirements for material composition and is compliant with US Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Volvo, Audi, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Lotus, Aston Martin, and other performance automobile makers use C70600 tubing. In the replacement market, C70600 tubing is the preferred tubing for brake lines, fuel, and transmission systems.


Unlike other similarly-priced tubing that attempts to protect the core material with a plating or coating, EziBend 2 is inherently rust and corrosion proof. There are no coatings to fail. EziBend 2 will remain corrosion-proof after tube formation, scratches during installation, and nicks from road debris.

Easy to use

EziBend 2 is strong but easy to work with. It straightens, cuts, flares, and bends smoothly. And the same properties that make EziBend 2 simple to shape allow it to achieve a superior sealing surface against fittings.

Standards compliant

In cunifer tubing, nickel improves strength and corrosion-resistance while allowing the tube to remain ductile. EziBend 2 stands out in independent lab tests against three of the largest cunifer suppliers in the US and the UK.

Nickel Content
BrakeQuip EziBend 2 10.40%
UNS C70600 standard 9–11%
Leading “parts store” tubing 8.92%
Leading UK tubing 8.89%
Leading “wholesale” tubing 8.85%