FuelFlex Tubing and Accessories

From left to right: (1) FuelFlex tubing, (2) spring mandrel, (3) tube clamp pliers, (4) 360° clamps, (5) p-clamps, (6) FuelFlex unions.

FuelFlex is nylon-based fuel tubing compatible with both carbureted and fuel-injected systems. FuelFlex tubing is available in 8mm and 10mm ODs.

Join sections of FuelFlex tubing with FuelFlex unions and 360° clamps using our Professional Tube Clamp Pliers.

Tubing can be formed using spring mandrels and heat.
Part Number Description Size Length
T8-FF FuelFlex tubing 8mm (5/16”) 25ft
T10-FF FuelFlex tubing 10mm (3/8”) 25ft
BQ318 spring mandrel 8mm (5/16”) 18 in
BQ319 spring mandrel 10mm (3/8”) 18 in
FL01-5 FuelFlex union 8mm
FL01-6 FuelFlex union 10mm
FL26 360° tube clamp 10mm (3/8”)
FL25 360° tube clamp 8mm (5/16”)
FL34 tube support clamp 10mm (3/8″)
FL35 tube support clamp 8mm (5/16″)
BQ412 Professional tube clamp pliers