Copper Washers and Seals

copper washers

Part Number Bolt Size Diameter Thickness
BQ3858 3/8” 5/8” 1.5mm
BQ1118 7/16” 18mm 1.5mm
BQ1320 1/2” 20mm 2mm
BQ1421 9/16” 21mm 2mm
BQ813 8mm 13mm 1.3mm
BQ1016 10mm 16mm 1.5mm
BQ1218 12mm 18mm 1.5mm
BQ1522 15mm 22mm 2mm
BQ1624 16mm 24mm 2mm


Copper washer assortment kit




Copper Seat Seals (Flare Gaskets)

Use to prevent leaks in connections with damaged ports or to provide better sealing between stainless tubing and stainless ports.