Brake Tube Straightener

BQ1030 in vise mount with straightened copper nickel tube

The BQ1030 Brake Tube Straightener is designed for the Automotive DIY-er with a need to straighten coils of 3/16″ or 1/4″ OD annealed tubing—the most common brake lines sizes. For straightening coils up 1/2″ OD, see the original BrakeQuip Professional Tube Straightener.

BQ1030 product shot, with and without the mounting tab BQ1030 rollers

  • Straighten 3/16″–1/4″ annealed tubing, including stainless steel
  •  U-shaped rollers straighten both tubing sizes-no need to change rollers
  • Hard polymer rollers leave a smooth finish on tubing
  • Ball-bearings provide smooth action
  • Table mount ready, with optional vise-mounting base

Coiled-tube straighteners with steel rollers can become pitted by contact with the leading edge of stainless steel tubing. The result is unsightly specking along the tubing being straightened, or worse, damage to the protective coating found on some brake tubing. The Brake Tube Straightener uses hard polymer rollers to prevent tube surface damage.