Professional Tube Straightener

The BQ1028 Professional Tube Straightener provides the average shop the ability to complete a professional tube installation by forming coiled tube into straight sections of any length, enabling precise tube routing and reducing the number of unions required. Adjust the wheels to the tube size and pull the tube through the tool to straighten.

  • For 3/16″ to 1/2″ light-walled, annealed tube, including stainless steel
  • Non-marking ABS wheels
  • 5-point precision and fine-threaded adjustment
  • Vice mount or bolt straight to workbench
  • Smooth ball bearing action
  • Heavy-duty construction

How to straighten coils

Straighten the end of your coiled tube and insert into either side of the tool. Use the adjustment knob on the top to bring the rollers into position and feed the tube through. Once enough tube is clear of the wheels begin to pull the tube through with constant pressure. Use the adjustment knob to fine tune the alignment for your tube and pull the desired length of tube through the tool.

How to straighten pre-cut lengths

To straighten a pre-cut length, simply push the piece through the alignment wheels and work it back and forth, fine-tuning the adjustment knob until all bends have been straightened.

Replacement wheel

PN: BQ1028-75