Flaring Tools


BrakeQuip High-Speed Flaring Tools are the industry standard for accurate and consistent flares. All models have these features:

  • Smooth channel dies minimize tube scarring and deformation for a show-quality finish.
  • The cam-and-lever design, combined with ball-detent turrets, provide fast and easy operation.
  • BrakeQuip flaring tools are designed to be used in a bench vise or with our table flange mount (PN BQ350-1).
  • Replacement components are available, all the way down to the individual punches on the turrets.

For use on light-walled tubing (including stainless) sized 3/16″ to 3/8″ OD. The kits can also flare copper-nickel tubing up to 1/2″ OD.

Flaring Tool Kits

BrakeQuip offers several flaring tool kits to meet a variety of needs. The most basic distinction can be made based on flare type.

  • The BQ350/BQ350A kits make 45°, 37°, and DIN flares
  • The BQ351 kit make 45° and DIN flares
  • The BQ352 kit makes 37° flares

The A-model kits have several upgraded features, described in detail below.

Carry case

All BrakeQuip flaring tool kits come with a carry case. (Here, the BQ350A is pictured.)

flaring tool in carry case

Mounting flange

BQ350-1 Mounting Flange, compatible with all BrakeQuip flaring tools.
BQ350-1 Mounting Flange

This mounting flange is compatible with every BrakeQuip flaring tool. It is included with the A-series flaring tool kit (BQ350A).